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  • Finding the Best Adult Halloween Costumes for 2008

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    jackson asked:

    Halloween is a time for wearing different costumes and enjoying the festive occasion. Adults enjoy dressing up and scaring others just as much as the children. To find the right and the best dress for Halloween is quite a task. A lot of time should be taken and research done to come up with the best dress.

    The costume can be chosen according to each ones taste. This is the time to dress up in a wild, funny and different manner and become a changed person for the Halloween party. You should first be creative and think of some different costume to wear. Some might want it to be comical and funny, others might want it to be **** or scary or even nasty, and still others might want to dress up as some popular figure - a movie or a cartoon personality. Some might even want to dress up as their boss or the animal that they like best. Some might even want to dress up as a sports person that they like.

    Finding the best adult costumes needs a little bit of research. You need to go to the internet and find out the best loved costumes. You can browse through old catalogues and magazines and get some fun ideas. Family and friends might also be of help.

    You can get the costumes either from the departmental stores and add on accessories to make it look exactly like the dress you want to wear, or you can make your own dress. You can also order the dress you want. You can go to a fabric store or a craft store and get ideas and material to dress up as the character you want to portray.

    You can get dressed as movie characters, like Dracula, Superman, Spiderman, Indiana Jones, the Star Wars, and others. The television is another place where you can represent characters in sitcoms that you like. Adult groups can dress up like Charlie’s Angles or Three Amigos. You can dress up as real life celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. You can also dress up like political figures. You can get dressed as a vampire, a pirate, a ghost or take up any theme you like from fantasy.

    You can find ideas everywhere, even right in your own home. It is just to look different and enjoy the fun. Small accessories can help make the costume different, like a veil, a pair of wings, a mask, some different shoes and nails, some wigs that give you the right look, the clothes that can be found in your own home. Looking through the collection at home, browsing through magazines, searching the internet and asking family and friends will give you a lot of ideas to give you the new, different look.

    With the presidential elections coming, people would want to dress up like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. There is also a growing popularity for costumes of superheroes and villains.

    Some of the most popular costumes for a 2008 Halloween party are dressing up as witch, pirate, vampire, fairy, ghost, nurse, angel clown witch, a French maid, and a Queen. Political or famous personalities are also well liked.

    The costume of Paris Hilton is also popular this year. The costume of Indiana Jones with the hat and the whip is popular. Men and women can wear it. Dressing up as Amy Winehouse is popular in 2008. The trademark big beehive and cigarette can be added. She has been in the news this year. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader dress can also be tried out .it will be a great hit since the tryout is starting this month. Sarah Palin is also a popular figure and you can dress up like her.

    With these ideas and many more you can surely become the best dressed person in the Halloween party. Go ahead, find the dress you want and go to the party.

  • Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2008

    Posted on January 30th, 2009 admin No comments
    Chad Hosrtman asked:

    Halloween is just around the corner and if you are like others, you are now contemplating what costumes you should buy for yourself and your kids. Well, if you wish to have a great costume and wow everyone or ensure you find ones so your children are wearing ones that are popular you had better begin thinking about ordering or buying the costumes early. If you wait until the week of Halloween, you may be too late to find the ones your children desire or that you may want to wear. Nothing is more embarrassing for yourself or your children than to wear a Halloween costume from last year and is no longer considered popular.

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for baby boys or girls this year.

    1. Baby Elephant

    2. Baby Lamb

    3. Baby Giraffe

    4. Baby Kitty

    5. Baby Penguin

    6. Lil’ Pumkin’ Pie

    7. Baby Tootsie

    8. Baby Pizza

    9. Baby Ice Cream

    10. Baby Monkey

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for toddler boys this year.

    1. Pikachu

    2. Ash Ketchum

    3. Spiderman Fiber Optic Halloween Costume

    4. Dash Children’s Halloween Costume

    5. Spiderman Halloween Costume

    6. Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

    7. Woody Halloween Costume

    8. Bob the Builder Halloween Costume

    9. Lightning McQueen Pit Crew Costume

    10. Special Ranger Halloween Costume

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for toddler girls this year.

    1. Aurora Prestige Halloween Costume

    2. Cinderella Prestige Halloween Costume

    3. Snow White Prestige Halloween Costume

    4. Belle Prestige Halloween Costume

    5. Ariel Children’s Halloween Costume

    6. Little Bo Peep Costume

    7. Tinker Bell

    8. Jesse Children’s Halloween Costume

    9. Sock Monkey Costume

    10. Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for girls this year.

    1. Girls Gothic Vampira Halloween Costume

    2. Chronicles of Narnia Lucy Costume

    3. Hannah Montana with Jacket & Wig Costume

    4. Snowflake Princess Halloween Costume

    5. Bat ***** Halloween Costume

    6. Charmed Witch Halloween Costume

    7. Sassy Vampiress Halloween Costume

    8. Rock Diva Halloween Costume

    9. Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

    10. Cinderella Prestige Halloween Costume

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for boys this year.

    1. Naruto Halloween Costume

    2. Lil’ Vampire Costume

    3. Dash Children’s Halloween Costume

    4. Kid’s Ninja Warrior Halloween Costume

    5. Child Iron Man Costume

    6. Children’s Alien Halloween Costume

    7. Children’s Ghost Rider Costume

    8. Kakashi Halloween Costume

    9. Wolverine Halloween Costume

    10. Sailor of Death Halloween Costume

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for teen girls this year.

    1. Juniors Daisy Bug Halloween Costume

    2. Elizabeth Empiress Halloween Costume

    3. Deluxe Elizabeth Pirate Halloween Costume

    4. Devil Fairy Halloween Costume

    5. Genie Princess Costume

    6. Fembot Costume

    7. Juniors Rebel Snow Princess Halloween Costume

    8. Juniors Tea Party Hostess Halloween Costume

    9. Juniors Miss Alice Halloween Costume

    10. Juniors All Star Player Halloween Costume

    Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for teen boys this year.

    1. Ghost Rider Costume

    2. Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume

    3. Davy Jones Halloween Costume

    4. Sailor of Death Halloween Costume

    5. Maccus Sharkman Children’s Costume

    6. Sir Peter, Knight of Wolfsbane War Costume

    7. Captain Jack Sparrow Children’s Premium Costume

    8. Harry Potter Halloween Costume

    9. Gangster Halloween costume

    10. Dr. Doom Halloween Costume

  • Trends In Wigs And Hairpieces

    Posted on January 15th, 2009 admin 1 comment asked:

    Want a change? Don’t buy that bottle of hair dye or self-perming kit just yet. Hairpieces are becoming more and more popular as a healthier, quicker, and easier option for changing your hair and your look. Celebrities have been using hair extensions, clip-on hairpieces, and full wigs for years-and you can, too! Here are just a few popular trends in wigs and hairpieces that anyone can follow.

    Hair extensions add length without the wait. Hair extensions are one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. Many of those gorgeous, perfectly wavy, sun-kissed tresses on movie stars and models aren’t real-they’re hair extensions. These are a great way to add length quickly, and are starting to get popular at weddings and for formal parties. Glued-in extensions are not always easy on your hair and can take about three hours to apply, and they can also get expensive-so they’re usually used for special occasions only.

    Clip-ons are perfect for a quick change. Clip-on hairpieces are much easier to apply than glued-in hair extensions. The cheapest are made of synthetic hair, and can be applied in a variety of shades. Pricier versions are made of human hair and can be dyed to match your color. Clip-on hair is often incorporated into ponytails and updo’s for the most natural looks.

    Wigs and parties-the new trends. Ever since Jessica Simpson wore a red wig to the NCLR ALMA awards, wigs have been getting press at celebrity events and parties. They’re becoming stylish party attire, and with good reason: a wig is an excellent way to change your look for a formal party-you can choose any color you want, without damaging your hair. Wigs are also easier to wear than glue-on hair extensions.

    Wigs and weddings-the perfect match. This year’s wedding fashion includes long, free-flowing hair with a hint of delicate curl. For many style conscious brides, the flowing curls just aren’t possible by the wedding date. Women with short hair are incorporating hairpieces into their wedding look more and more. Lace front wigs are especially popular. These are wigs with a delicate lace base near the hairline that is undetectable, providing an extremely natural look and stunning hair. The back of the wig has a more traditional wig cap, also undetectable under a veil.

    Weaves for long-term styles. If you want a long-term change, a weave is often the way to go. Real or synthetic human hair is woven into your natural hair, which is often braided into tiny cornrows. Human hair is more desirable than synthetic, because it looks more natural and won’t melt when subjected to the heat from a hair dryer or curling iron.

    Hairpieces are an excellent way to give yourself a dramatic change in look-without putting your hair through a damaging dyeing or perming process. Once associated with illness and hair loss, wigs and hairpieces are quickly growing in mainstream popularity-and are becoming seen on many people, young and older, just looking for a stunning change in look. One of celebrity’s best-kept beauty secrets for years, millions of women are now turning to hairpieces for those one-of-a-kind looks for special occasions-and the freedom to change their hair quickly and easily.