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  • Everything About Wigs and Hairpieces

    Posted on November 30th, 2009 admin 3 comments
    Judith Sternson asked:

    It seems that these days the concept of wigs and hairpieces has been more accepted than ever before. You can imagine the excitement involved in totally changing your look though the simple addition of a wig. There are virtually all types of wigs and hairpieces that you choose from.
    Many people don’t know the first thing about wigs. The cap is the base of the wig, and is what your natural hair is attached to so that you don’t experience any unwanted movement. The hair of the wig can be either human or synthetic and is usually attached to the cap in one of a few popular ways.

    Wefting is one of the most common attachment methods on most caps. This is when the strings of hair are doubled over and sewn closely together in long strands. These are then able to be attached by hand or machine to the horizontal and vertical lines of the cap. Standard caps are the most common and most affordable types of wig caps.

    It is common for companies to use machines to sew the hair on to the cap. There is usually a closed lace layer that is positioned at the crown of the cap. Most cap hair is pre-designed in to a specific style. You may need to do some basic teasing or primping to make sure the cap cannot be seen.

    Another type of wig used is a monofilament cap that is made of breathable nylon or polyester mesh materials that look similar to the appearance of skin. People will assume that the cap is the wearer’s natural scalp. These types of caps offer the most natural and realistic look available. If you aren’t into wearing a full scalp wig than you can always opt for a small hairpiece that come in a massive assortment of colors and styles.

  • How to Install Lace Front Wigs

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 admin 2 comments
    Luxurious Hair Boutique asked:


    -Gather your application products for easy access and prepare your own hair by either braiding into small cornrows, pin curling or wrapping your hair tightly. The main objective is to get your hair as flat as possible. Wearing a wig Cap is optional.

    -Pin and clip all the hairs on your unit (especially the baby hairs) away from the edges of the wig’s perimeter.


    -Apply Fray Block to lace as directed on packaging and allow to dry. (Optional)  Please note that Fray Block will help stop your lace from fraying. Fray block should dry clear.


    -Carefully cut extra lace around the perimeter of the wig to where the hair is knotted, being careful not to cut into the baby hairs.


    -Apply alcohol or cleanser with a cotton ball to clean skin around the edges of your natural hairline. The aim is to remove all excess oils from your skin. Apply scalp protector to area to be bonded. Let dry.


    -Position the lace wig on your head. Use an eyebrow pencil, lightly trace the hairline of the wig onto your forehead.


    Using an application brush or q-tip, apply adhesive just beyond your hairline as instructed by the lace wig adhesive manufacturer. Once the glue is ready (this will depend on the glue type) position lace wig on your head with hairline rolled back. Starting at the middle point of your forehead, bond wig to head by pressing down on one side, then the other, using the end of a tail comb. Bond front hairline first, then nape. Use the back end of comb to press harder further securing lace front wig onto hairline. Allow time for glue to completely cure/dry before styling. (usually 24 hours)


    Tie the edges of hair with a silk scarf until glue has fully set / cured.

    Application with Adhesive/Tapes


    Prepare the lace wig, hair and skin as previously mentioned above.


    Cut the tape into desired shapes and attach firmly around the perimiter of the lace unit.


    Position the unit on your head. Remove the backing of the tape in sections, a little at a time. Starting from the middle of the forehead, firmly press tape into skin with a tail comb.


    Tie the edges of the hair with a silk scarf until the adhesive has set.



    To acheive a longer hold, combine the use of liquid and tape adhesives. The tape helps preserve the lace by protecting it from frequent wear and tear. For tape/glue application, first apply glue to hairline, then apply tape to the front and nape of the wig. Press tape into wig firmly. When glue is ready, remove backing of tape and press the lace down into skin using a tail comb.

    Be sure to google The Luxurious Hair Boutique and check out our extensive wigs 101 section.

    Happy Shopping!


  • Celebrity Lace Front Wigs

    Posted on October 28th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Levetta Rivera asked:

    What do Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani have in common? They all were lace front wigs. Celebrity lace front wigs are the newest rage in modern hair replacement. We refer to these hair replacement units as “celebrity” lace front wigs because so many celebrities wear them. When applied properly the lace blends into the wig wearer’s skin and is virtually undetectable to the eye even upon close scrutiny. The lace creates an invisible hairline which gives the appearance that the hair from the wig is actually growing out of the wearer’s scalp. The result is no one will know that you are wearing a wig unless you tell them. Lace front wigs are the most realistic looking wigs on the market. They are constructed with very thin French or Swiss lace thus the name lace front wig. For a long time, lace front wigs were only available to the Hollywood elite, but, the secret is out and these wigs are now available for purchase by the general public. This means you too can have gorgeous and glamorous hair just like your favorite celebrity.

    Celebrity lace front wigs can have a cap construction that is either: 100% lace, monofilament or polyurethane. The 100% lace cap is the most popular. 100% lace means the entire wig cap is made of lace. Of the two lace types used in the construction process the “French” lace is the most popular and most commonly used. The design of the French lace material is similar to a “window screen” in which you have very small holes. The wig hair is then hand tied to this lace mesh strand by strand. It is a tedious process. Monofilament Wig Caps are the second most popular wig caps used for making celebrity lace front wigs. The material of these caps is similar to “women’s pantyhose material” with very tiny holes so close together that it looks like skin when bonded to skin. Polyurethane Wig Caps also have a very natural looking front hairline area but tend to hold heat which can be very uncomfortable in hot climates, as such, these wigs are not as popular as the French/Swiss Lace and Monofilament Lace front Wigs.

    Celebrity lace front wigs are generally very high quality expensive wigs. They are extremely safe and when worn correctly will not damage your hair and hairline the way weaves and extensions can. These wigs are highly in vogue because of their naturalism and versatility. They are extremely durable and can be worn at different occasions and under diverse weather conditions. Lace front wigs are available in a wide range of designs, styles, colors, lengths, and sizes and can be customized to fit your unique head dimensions. Unlike regular wigs, a lace front wig can be parted in any direction which means you have endless styling options. You can find a wide array of custom and celebrity style lace front wigs from shops that specialize in these hair systems. It may be difficult to find suppliers of these wigs in your local area unless you live in or near a large metropolitan area. If that is the case there are many places online to buy lace front wigs. Just make sure you do your homework to insure that you are making your purchase from a reputable and legitimate lace front wig shop retailer.

  • A Lace Front Wig Can Help You Look Like A Model!

    Posted on October 10th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Levetta Rivera asked:

    You often see fashion magazines featuring fascinating models with beautiful hair in gorgeous shades of ebony, blonde and brown, but what many don’t know is that most of these beautiful models aren’t actually posing with their natural hair but rather they are wearing lace front wigs. You too can look as fascinating as these models with the addition of a lace front wig to your beauty arsenal. Lace front wigs are hair wigs made of real or synthetic hair designed to be worn for fashion aesthetic and stylistic reasons, or to hide alopecia or balding. These wigs are very popular among celebrities and models and the general public is catching on fast.

    Lace front wigs are called this because they are constructed by sewing hair onto an invisible lace base that is custom cut perfectly to the wig wearer’s hairline. These wigs are the most natural looking wigs on the market today. They are perfectly shaped and very light weight. When worn correctly, no-one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig as these hair units boast an invisible hairline which gives off the appearance that the wig hair is actually growing from your scalp. Lace front wigs really offer you a natural and original look which is why they are immensely popular, and if you are losing your hair, they offer an excellent hair replacement solution. In addition, unlike weaves, fusion, strand-by-strand, and many other popular hair extension methods that can damage your hair and natural hairline, lace front wigs are completely safe.

    Another great feature of lace front wigs is that you can style them easily. Do you remember the popular lengthy curls of Jessica Simpson, or the silky straight look of Beyonce? These styles can be achieved with a lace front wig… as a matter of fact the styling possibilities are unlimited. You can truly get the hair that you have always desired. Lace front wigs can also be worn under diverse weather conditions. You can even take a shower or go swimming with the wig on. Next to the fact that these hair units are virtually undetectable, their versatility and durability are key factors that make people fall for them.

    Lace front wigs are not cheap. A well made high quality lace wig unit constructed with 100% human Indian hair will range in price from $500 to $3000 plus. You may be able to find retailers selling them for less than $500 but they are usually of a sub-par quality and you should proceed with caution because as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Even though these wigs are on the expensive side, they still may prove to be more economical in the long run to those who normally visit the hair salon every 2 weeks or every month for a relaxer, perm or touch-up.

    Lace front wigs are available in a wide range of colors and textures such as straight, wavy, body wave or curly. These wigs come in any length ranging from short crop to super long. The majority of people who purchase these wigs get them custom made to fit their exact head measurements. If you order a custom lace front wig unit you should expect to wait 4-6 weeks on average to receive your wig. Some lace front wig retailers do offer non-custom stock units in a variety of different measurements, but if it is your first time buying a lace front wig, it is not recommended that you buy a stock unit unless you are actually able to try the wig on first to insure that it fits perfectly. When you spend several hundred dollars on a wig you deserve a perfect fit! A custom lace front wig unit tailored to your exact head measurements in which you choose the color, highlights, length, hair texture, hair density, lace type and more is worth the wait!

    So, whether you are just looking to improve your hair style and looks, or if you suffer from hair loss due to any reason and need a hair replacement solution… you should consider investing in a lace front wig. You should know that, unless you live in a major city, you may have a hard time finding a lace front wig dealer in your local area because even though these wigs are gaining in popularity, they are still pretty exclusive due to their high end price tag. If there are no lace front wig dealers in your area you are still in luck as there are numerous online wig stores selling an extensive range of these wigs. As with any online purchase you should be very selective when choosing who to buy from to avoid getting scammed. Make sure that the establishment list a contact phone number and address.

  • Lace Front Wigs – a Few Things to Consider

    Posted on September 30th, 2009 admin No comments
    Deborah Rayner asked:

    If you are like so many other people who are looking to do something about their hair loss then you may be considering purchasing and wearing a lace front wig. Perhaps you have been using some sort of hair regrowth treatment and come to the same conclusion that so many others have and that is that its a lot of time and expense, for limited if any results.

    More Good News

    The good news, is that todays lace front wigs are available in a wide range of styles made from a number of fibers including human hair and much more realistic than ever looking synthetics. More good news, is that when a quality front lace wig is properly attached, it is virtually indistinguishable from a real head of hair, even on close inspection.

    Treat it Like Your Own Hair

    Part it as you may, fling it around in the wind and even sleep in it if you have to, because if you have a top quality lace front wig on, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. One particular group of people that are truly benefiting from the easy availability of high quality front lace wigs online, is people with tight bushy hair and people in the market for hair extensions.

    Hair Extensions and Straightening

    Hair straightening and extensions are both expensive and tend to have a very rate of customer approval. That is that if you have your hair straighted or lengthened there is a god chance that you will be less that satisfied with the finished results. Also, your treatment only last for so long and if you have both of them done, you can easily expect to spend at least a thousand dollars.

    No Appointment Necessary

    This is why virtually all of the famous celebrities that you see on your TV and in the magazines that you read own and use lace front wigs, rather than subject their hair to any of these punishing treatments. Also, it only takes a very short time to apply a lace front wig and you don’t need to make an appointment.

  • Lace Front Wigs Vs Regular Wigs

    Posted on September 17th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Steve Parr asked:

    Why is the world going lace front crazy?


    The answer is very simple! When you weigh up the pros and cons of wearing a lace front over a traditional wig, the lace wig wins hands down on nearly every single criteria. Lets have a look!


    Traditional wigs are made from synthetic or standard grade Remi or Yaki hair, whilst generally the best grade A+++ Remy hair is used in a lace wig. They also have bulky cap construction with tracks, fasteners and grips compared to the seamless wafer thin lace that the hair is knotted into. The best lace wigs are made entirely by hand and take over a month to fabricate. Lace wigs when applied properly are virtually undetectable, the lace cap can be made in different colours so that it exactly matches the wearer’s skin tone.


    Anyone can spot a normal wig, it stands out a mile! A lace wig has virtually no styling limitations, you can wear it up, wear it down, part it any way you like, you can even take it to the salon with you, its 100% human hair and you can treat it like your own 100% human hair. If you’re human that is. Its rumoured that the Venusians are starting to wear them too! And who was the first person you ever saw wearing a traditional wig? Probably your granny. And just why do you think it is that the lace front is the superstar’s wig of choice?


    And to those that say a lace front is too expensive, lets break it down. How often do you go the salon - once a month? And how much do you spend each time? Maybe £75? A typical high quality lace front is around £300. Over the two year life of the wig, that’s just £12.50 a month. And thats not to mention the hours and hours you spend in the salon on every single visit.


    At Afrodite Lace Front Wigs we hold parties for our customers so that they can learn about lace wigs, how to put them on, take them off, and they even have an opportunity to try on their favourite styles. You wouldn’t believe the transformation just the act of putting on a lace front makes to a customer - they start behaving with the confidence of a superstar, but without the outrageous dressing room demands. Well, actually, one girl demanded a second glass of wine…….


    Look at our gallery of styles of women of all ages wearing beautiful lace front wigs and you can get loads more information about styles, accessories, lace, densities and much more. And we promise to make you the very finest quality hand made lace front wig at a price you’d normally pay for one off the shelf and all to your exact specifications, colour, style, length, highlights, texture, curl, density.

  • What are the Types of Hair Wigs and How to Use Them

    Posted on August 24th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Mr.G asked:

    Today market is full of wigs for those who wish to get over their inferiority complex of having thin hair or bald patches and those who wish to look confident as ever even with a baldness/hair fall disorder. There are also those who rely on wigs just to make a different appearance on special or important occasions. With the increase in demand of wigs, companies across the world have come up with variety of wigs to please their customers.

    Hair fall has many remedies and treatments and one such remedy or solution to those thin hair follicles is using a wig. Wigs works towards hiding the bald patches or thin hair rolling down the scalp, also it gives the person a whole hairy and healthy look complementing the face, all this without a surgery or medicinal treatment or application of various capsules or shampoos.

    While mostly people prefer hair wigs on occasional bases or when they go out of their homes, very few are those who live on hair wigs 24/7. Thus, for different people with different preference towards the usage of wigs companies have come with diverse range of wigs.

    Before you choose or pick a piece of wig for your head you need to be sure of the purpose and the kind of usage you are going to be required from the wig. Such as, whether you wish to wear wig occasionally or do you want a wig for daily basis, these and many more questions regarding your preference and priority will help you pick on the right kind of wig for you.

    Some of the types of wigs available in the market are wigs made from human hair, synthetic fibers, lace, mono filament, classic and so on, while types of wigs on usage basis are full head wigs and head band wigs. These are just the various types of wigs that come under two basic categories i.e. expensive and inexpensive wigs.

    For those who wish to wear wig for occasional purpose purchasing of inexpensive wig can be a good idea, but inexpensive wig wearing on day to day routine can prove to be a mistake. Fact that inexpensive wigs are made from synthetic or other unnatural materials can make it look unreal or dissimilar with your skin color. Also, these synthetic wigs can be little to troublesome for hair coloring or styling business, and can give you those doll like or unreal appearances. Where as, a heavy costing wig made from human hair or real hair lets you style your hair as you wish, also they give you a real and natural look for going through your daily routine or business without letting you down.

    Once you are able to find your kind of wig there are thins to be taken care of for proper use or utilization of the wig. Since these wigs do not come for free and do costs some good portion of your wallet, there are always tips you can follow to judiciously use your wig, such as, buy a well fitted wig to make sure it does not go lose or tight enough to stop blood flow, and if you are wearing a synthetic wig, make sure you do not go near flames or even hot air.

    for more details -

  • Lace Front Hair Pieces: What are the Benefits?

    Posted on August 15th, 2009 admin No comments
    ImranAdrees asked:

    The use of “Lace Front” pieces for the Ulitimate Hair Line appearance has gone from Broadway to Hollywood and is now found all over the streets, in offices, clubs and the super market. Available in a variety of hair types, lengths and colors a weak or damaged front hair line can now be replaced with a virtually undetectable hair line of natural human hair tied (ventilated) into a fine “theatrical” lace that once attached using a special adhesive will disappear on the skin and the hair will easily blend into the existing hair.

    This technique for creating a “New” hair line has for the most part been available only to those in the film industry and a few who may have had a connection to a wig maker. It’s an effective and easy way to give one a new hair line without surgery or wearing a wig. There has been a huge resurgence of the use of lace fronts due to the popularity of their use by such celebrities as Beyonce and Tyra Banks. The lace fronts usually are about 10” to 11” wide and anywhere from 1” to 3” deep and are placed from temple to temple across the front hair line. T

    he lace is attached to the skin with the use of a liquid adhesive that is safe for use on the skin it goes on clear and dries clear. Once the adhesive is dry the lace disappears on the skin and can then be touched up with a small amount of makeup to blend into the skin. The hair that is tied into the lace can then be styled into the existing hair. Another use for the lace front that was taken from the theatre and film industry is to apply the front to an existing wig. The lace fronts can be purchased over the internet and then sewn onto the front of wig to give a full wig a very natural looking hair line and allowing the wearer to style their hair off the face, something that would not be possible with a typical wig.

    With this application the hair is contained in a wig cap, the wig is placed over the wig cap and the lace adhesive is applied to the skin at the hair line. It’s best to let the adhesive dry slightly before placing the lace onto the adhesive. A good tip for setting the lace into the adhesive is to press the lace into the adhesive with a piece of nylon stocking this will assure the lace is properly set, smooth and with no bits of lint. The new mainstream use of the lace front has brought a whole new dimension to the beauty industry and a wonderful new option for those with problematic hair lines allowing anyone to look and feel like a star.

  • How To Apply Lace Front Wigs

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 admin No comments

    There are a couple of ways by which you can apply your lace front wigs; one is with the help of liquid adhesives and the other is by making use of double-sided tape. Most retailers sell you the lace wigs along with the adhesive so you should not have any problem selecting one that will work properly with your wig. If no adhesive comes along with the lace wigs, then you will need to select whichever adhesive type is best suitable for your needs.

    If you are using liquid adhesive, you should first position the lace front wig on your head. Make sure you pin back the hair on the wig so that they don’t get glued on to your forehead. Try a mesh cap to hold all your hair in place. Smear very little adhesive on a little portion of the lace front. Also, make sure that your natural hair is out of the way. You may choose to cut of the small hair or keep it out of the lace wig depending on the kind of look you want. Apply pressure to the lace front wig where you put the adhesive. If you are using a good adhesive, it should take as few as five seconds to hold it down. Once that portion of the lace wig is firmly in position, go on to the next section. To make it easier to apply, put adhesive on an inch of hair every time till you have put adhesive on the wig from one edge to another.

    In case of double-sided tape for lace front wigs, cut the tape into strips that measure about three inches. The tape is normally about 3.8 inches broad. Lay the first strip on an area where the lace front attaches to it. The tape should be attached on the front hairline at the border of the lace. Similarly, place the other strips of tape at the border of the lace till you have finished laying down all the tapes on the full front side of the wig from one edge to the other. There should be no spaces left between the tapes. This should ensure that the lace wigs are kept in place and also produce a hairline that looks very natural.


  • How are Wigs Manufactured?

    Posted on June 25th, 2009 admin No comments
    Clint Jhonson asked:

    Most of the things around us, the things that we use on a daily basis, have a manufacturing process that you are not aware of.  Most people do not think about how products are made as long as the product serves its purpose.  Some people are more curious and want to know more about the manufacturing process.

    The purpose of this article is to provide those people interested in the manufacturing of wigs more information about the process. Wigs are generally used to provide a change in appearance. 

    There are two main processes that can be used in order to produce wigs.  We live in a world that is driven by machines and technology.  This allows for mass production of any type.  Accurate machines guided by computer programs used together lead to the manufacture of interesting head-pieces.

    The process of producing wigs by machines is not as attractive as it is describing the art of hand-manufactured wigs. Yes, there are some people that still create custom ordered head-pieces that are to be worn by celebrities and others in order to improve or change their looks.

    There are many reasons as to why people choose to wear wigs. Men go bald and they want to hide this fact by hiding what they lack with additional hair. Others may suffer from cancer.  The treatment for cancer will cause severe hair loss and wearing a wig is also beneficial for the recovery process while the hair grows back. Other diseases may cause permanent hair loss which can be hidden with a nice wig.

    However, we are here to talk about how short and long wigs are manufactured. You may have noticed that I called the manufacturing of custom head-pieces art. This is because it takes a lot of time and skill to create something that looks great on someone else’s head.

    The first part of the wigs manufacturing process is measuring the head of the person who will wear it. If there is any hair present on the head, the hair will be secured against the head and various measurements will be taken. Sometimes plastic caps can be placed over the head and a copy of the head shape can be created.

    Short and long wigs have a framework that the hairs are attached to. This cap serves as a base for the wig and it consists of lace or netting. They are made from synthetic or natural fibers, sewn into the desired shape and used for structural support at the center and for blending into the skin at the edges.

    Another important part of the manufacturing process of short and long wigs is the preparation for the attachment of hair. A device called the hackle is used to straighten the hair previously separated according to source, color and length. This is also used to find any weak strands in order to use the best hair possible for the wig.

    Tying the required strands onto the short or long wigs is called ventilation. This is done with a special hook that facilitates tying a knot so the strands won’t get separated from the wig. The wig producer knows how much hair to insert and where. After all the hair is attached and inserted the wig is styled according to the requests of the client. Once the styling is finished,  the final product can be provided to the customer to enjoy.