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  • How to Install Lace Front Wigs

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 admin 2 comments
    Luxurious Hair Boutique asked:


    -Gather your application products for easy access and prepare your own hair by either braiding into small cornrows, pin curling or wrapping your hair tightly. The main objective is to get your hair as flat as possible. Wearing a wig Cap is optional.

    -Pin and clip all the hairs on your unit (especially the baby hairs) away from the edges of the wig’s perimeter.


    -Apply Fray Block to lace as directed on packaging and allow to dry. (Optional)  Please note that Fray Block will help stop your lace from fraying. Fray block should dry clear.


    -Carefully cut extra lace around the perimeter of the wig to where the hair is knotted, being careful not to cut into the baby hairs.


    -Apply alcohol or cleanser with a cotton ball to clean skin around the edges of your natural hairline. The aim is to remove all excess oils from your skin. Apply scalp protector to area to be bonded. Let dry.


    -Position the lace wig on your head. Use an eyebrow pencil, lightly trace the hairline of the wig onto your forehead.


    Using an application brush or q-tip, apply adhesive just beyond your hairline as instructed by the lace wig adhesive manufacturer. Once the glue is ready (this will depend on the glue type) position lace wig on your head with hairline rolled back. Starting at the middle point of your forehead, bond wig to head by pressing down on one side, then the other, using the end of a tail comb. Bond front hairline first, then nape. Use the back end of comb to press harder further securing lace front wig onto hairline. Allow time for glue to completely cure/dry before styling. (usually 24 hours)


    Tie the edges of hair with a silk scarf until glue has fully set / cured.

    Application with Adhesive/Tapes


    Prepare the lace wig, hair and skin as previously mentioned above.


    Cut the tape into desired shapes and attach firmly around the perimiter of the lace unit.


    Position the unit on your head. Remove the backing of the tape in sections, a little at a time. Starting from the middle of the forehead, firmly press tape into skin with a tail comb.


    Tie the edges of the hair with a silk scarf until the adhesive has set.



    To acheive a longer hold, combine the use of liquid and tape adhesives. The tape helps preserve the lace by protecting it from frequent wear and tear. For tape/glue application, first apply glue to hairline, then apply tape to the front and nape of the wig. Press tape into wig firmly. When glue is ready, remove backing of tape and press the lace down into skin using a tail comb.

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