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  • Create Lace Front Wigs Like A Pro!

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  • Let’s Talk Lace Front Wigs

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    Blogspot on More Info w/Lace Front Purchase Wig Here Utopia Human Lace Wig TopSol For Take Off No Tape for Putting it on

  • A Lace Front Wig Can Help You Look Like A Model!

    Posted on October 10th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Levetta Rivera asked:

    You often see fashion magazines featuring fascinating models with beautiful hair in gorgeous shades of ebony, blonde and brown, but what many don’t know is that most of these beautiful models aren’t actually posing with their natural hair but rather they are wearing lace front wigs. You too can look as fascinating as these models with the addition of a lace front wig to your beauty arsenal. Lace front wigs are hair wigs made of real or synthetic hair designed to be worn for fashion aesthetic and stylistic reasons, or to hide alopecia or balding. These wigs are very popular among celebrities and models and the general public is catching on fast.

    Lace front wigs are called this because they are constructed by sewing hair onto an invisible lace base that is custom cut perfectly to the wig wearer’s hairline. These wigs are the most natural looking wigs on the market today. They are perfectly shaped and very light weight. When worn correctly, no-one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig as these hair units boast an invisible hairline which gives off the appearance that the wig hair is actually growing from your scalp. Lace front wigs really offer you a natural and original look which is why they are immensely popular, and if you are losing your hair, they offer an excellent hair replacement solution. In addition, unlike weaves, fusion, strand-by-strand, and many other popular hair extension methods that can damage your hair and natural hairline, lace front wigs are completely safe.

    Another great feature of lace front wigs is that you can style them easily. Do you remember the popular lengthy curls of Jessica Simpson, or the silky straight look of Beyonce? These styles can be achieved with a lace front wig… as a matter of fact the styling possibilities are unlimited. You can truly get the hair that you have always desired. Lace front wigs can also be worn under diverse weather conditions. You can even take a shower or go swimming with the wig on. Next to the fact that these hair units are virtually undetectable, their versatility and durability are key factors that make people fall for them.

    Lace front wigs are not cheap. A well made high quality lace wig unit constructed with 100% human Indian hair will range in price from $500 to $3000 plus. You may be able to find retailers selling them for less than $500 but they are usually of a sub-par quality and you should proceed with caution because as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Even though these wigs are on the expensive side, they still may prove to be more economical in the long run to those who normally visit the hair salon every 2 weeks or every month for a relaxer, perm or touch-up.

    Lace front wigs are available in a wide range of colors and textures such as straight, wavy, body wave or curly. These wigs come in any length ranging from short crop to super long. The majority of people who purchase these wigs get them custom made to fit their exact head measurements. If you order a custom lace front wig unit you should expect to wait 4-6 weeks on average to receive your wig. Some lace front wig retailers do offer non-custom stock units in a variety of different measurements, but if it is your first time buying a lace front wig, it is not recommended that you buy a stock unit unless you are actually able to try the wig on first to insure that it fits perfectly. When you spend several hundred dollars on a wig you deserve a perfect fit! A custom lace front wig unit tailored to your exact head measurements in which you choose the color, highlights, length, hair texture, hair density, lace type and more is worth the wait!

    So, whether you are just looking to improve your hair style and looks, or if you suffer from hair loss due to any reason and need a hair replacement solution… you should consider investing in a lace front wig. You should know that, unless you live in a major city, you may have a hard time finding a lace front wig dealer in your local area because even though these wigs are gaining in popularity, they are still pretty exclusive due to their high end price tag. If there are no lace front wig dealers in your area you are still in luck as there are numerous online wig stores selling an extensive range of these wigs. As with any online purchase you should be very selective when choosing who to buy from to avoid getting scammed. Make sure that the establishment list a contact phone number and address.

  • Lace Front Wigs – a Few Things to Consider

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    Deborah Rayner asked:

    If you are like so many other people who are looking to do something about their hair loss then you may be considering purchasing and wearing a lace front wig. Perhaps you have been using some sort of hair regrowth treatment and come to the same conclusion that so many others have and that is that its a lot of time and expense, for limited if any results.

    More Good News

    The good news, is that todays lace front wigs are available in a wide range of styles made from a number of fibers including human hair and much more realistic than ever looking synthetics. More good news, is that when a quality front lace wig is properly attached, it is virtually indistinguishable from a real head of hair, even on close inspection.

    Treat it Like Your Own Hair

    Part it as you may, fling it around in the wind and even sleep in it if you have to, because if you have a top quality lace front wig on, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. One particular group of people that are truly benefiting from the easy availability of high quality front lace wigs online, is people with tight bushy hair and people in the market for hair extensions.

    Hair Extensions and Straightening

    Hair straightening and extensions are both expensive and tend to have a very rate of customer approval. That is that if you have your hair straighted or lengthened there is a god chance that you will be less that satisfied with the finished results. Also, your treatment only last for so long and if you have both of them done, you can easily expect to spend at least a thousand dollars.

    No Appointment Necessary

    This is why virtually all of the famous celebrities that you see on your TV and in the magazines that you read own and use lace front wigs, rather than subject their hair to any of these punishing treatments. Also, it only takes a very short time to apply a lace front wig and you don’t need to make an appointment.

  • Does anyone know how to make a lace cap wig. Like the one the Beyonce wears or Tyra Banks?

    Posted on February 7th, 2009 admin 5 comments
    ebonieboo68 asked:

    Does anyone know anything about lace front wigs. The ones like Tyra Banks, Mary J Blige, Paris Hilton etc.. The hairline looks natural but it is really made from some type of lace.

  • Lace Wigs and Lace Fronts are the Hottest Ticket Out There

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    hairworks asked:

    Lace wigs and lace fronts have recently been seen on the streets since the popularity of some well seen celebrities who openly wear the wigs and lace front additions. Lace front wigs were originally only found in the theatre, the silver screen or on those who had the connections to have one made for them.

    A lace wig is truly the ultimate for any wig wearer. A lace front wig is made completely of a soft French or Swiss lace in several sections and the wig maker will take darts in the lace to make the material contour the head and because of this it is possible to get a glove tight fit for the wearer. They are different from wigs as we generally know them because they are usually made or at least “tailored” to fit the individual.

    This is particularly important in the top and frontal area as this is where the hair must flow naturally and the way the lace is configured hair direction will be affected if the lace is not placed correctly. Once the wig maker has the cap completed they can do a final fitting to be sure the fit is correct and the front is smooth and tight. If adjustments need to be done this is the time to do it and a final fitting can be done just to check. Once the cap is finished the wig maker can now begin to ventilate the hair into the base. This is done with a hooked ventilating needle that can be gauged to pick up as many hairs as needed for a section of the wig

    The ability for the wig maker is of course the frontal area. Once the wig maker gets to the top and front area they will usually switch their ventilating needle to only pick up one hair for each knot. This allows the wig maker to make very small tight knots that are virtually impossible to be seen. The single hair knots, placement and hair direction has to look and move like natural hair and should not be noticeable to the eye. Once a lace front wig is finished, dressed or styled and placed on the head a small amount of lace adhesive is placed on the skin where the edge of the lace will sit, allowed to get tacky and then the lace is pressed into the adhesive where it disappears into the skin. Once the adhesive is completely dry normal daily make up can be applied and the wearer is ready to go.