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  • How To Apply Lace Front Wigs

    Posted on July 28th, 2009 admin No comments

    There are a couple of ways by which you can apply your lace front wigs; one is with the help of liquid adhesives and the other is by making use of double-sided tape. Most retailers sell you the lace wigs along with the adhesive so you should not have any problem selecting one that will work properly with your wig. If no adhesive comes along with the lace wigs, then you will need to select whichever adhesive type is best suitable for your needs.

    If you are using liquid adhesive, you should first position the lace front wig on your head. Make sure you pin back the hair on the wig so that they don’t get glued on to your forehead. Try a mesh cap to hold all your hair in place. Smear very little adhesive on a little portion of the lace front. Also, make sure that your natural hair is out of the way. You may choose to cut of the small hair or keep it out of the lace wig depending on the kind of look you want. Apply pressure to the lace front wig where you put the adhesive. If you are using a good adhesive, it should take as few as five seconds to hold it down. Once that portion of the lace wig is firmly in position, go on to the next section. To make it easier to apply, put adhesive on an inch of hair every time till you have put adhesive on the wig from one edge to another.

    In case of double-sided tape for lace front wigs, cut the tape into strips that measure about three inches. The tape is normally about 3.8 inches broad. Lay the first strip on an area where the lace front attaches to it. The tape should be attached on the front hairline at the border of the lace. Similarly, place the other strips of tape at the border of the lace till you have finished laying down all the tapes on the full front side of the wig from one edge to the other. There should be no spaces left between the tapes. This should ensure that the lace wigs are kept in place and also produce a hairline that looks very natural.