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  • Hair Weaving and a Hair Replacement System

    Posted on February 18th, 2009 admin No comments
    Cindy Lee asked:

    Among the most interesting and often important services provided by hair stylists are hair weaving and hair extensions.


    Hair loss in either men or women can create feelings of vulnerability, self-consciousness and a loss of self-esteem.  Imagine every day being a “bad hair day”.  This is what people who are balding or have suffered any significant hair loss experience every day of their lives. 


    With hair weaving techniques that add more hair, these people can regain their confidence, self-esteem and youthful appearance.


    Aging, chronic hair pulling (Trichotillomania) and incomplete hair re-growth after chemotherapy are some of the factors that can create partial hair loss. 


    For those of you new to the area of hair weaving this article will provide some basic information on hair weaving to attach a hair replacement system or full wig, and introduce you to the electric hair weaving machine.  This device helps the stylist create the exact look desired and shortens the time it takes to create the weave track.


    First, here are some basic terms. 


    Hair weaving is where either synthetic or human hair is cornrow braided or woven into the person’s existing natural hair at the scalp.  An extension weft or custom made hair system is then sewn on the created track.


    A hair extension is the synthetic or natural hair that is attached to the existing natural hair.


    Natural human hair used for weaves, wigs and extensions comes mainly from the continent of Asia and to some smaller degree from China, India, Eastern Europe and Russia.  This human hair comes in a wide variety of grades.  The highest is pure human hair from young donors that has been gently processed leaving the cuticles intact.  This is called “Remy” hair.  Human hair can also come in lower grades included those diluted with animal or synthetic hair.  High quality unprocessed 100% European human hair is of course more expensive than hair mixed with animal hair or synthetics.


    Synthetic hair can be made from a variety of synthetic fibers including Kanekalon, Toupelon, wool, alpaca, mohair, rayon, goat, nylon and yak.  Synthetic hair comes in wefts and single strands for braids.  This type of hair is best used for braids since using heating appliances such as straightening combs or curling irons is not recommended.   For the obvious reason of supply synthetic hair is cheaper than natural high-quality human hair.


    Corn rowed hair refers to a traditional style of African origin in which the hair is made into small braids starting close to the scalp.  These can be made in simple rows or very complex patterns.


    Human hair extensions can also come in higher Cuticle Remy or unprocessed Caucasian European grades as well as lower grades including those diluted with animal or synthetic hair. 


    One of the most innovative recent inventions in the world of hair replacement is the electric hair weaving machine.  A hair weaving machine takes the place of traditional cornrow braids and is used to help the stylist create the track for attaching natural or synthetic hair extensions to the head.  By using this machine the stylist saves time while keeping the track extremely small as well as less detectable, typically the size of a pencil lead. With it you can attach several different types of hair additions to the head such as Integrations, wefts, wigs, and partial hairpieces giving the client an extended wear ‘prosthesis’ that can be slept with and showered in. 


    Hair replacement systems have been a part of society since the early Egyptians.  With current advances such as the electric hair weaving machine we can make hair extensions and custom hairpieces look more natural than ever before and so help our clients get exactly what they are looking for.


    To see a fun, informative and entertaining video on hair weaving and hair replacement from Cindy Lee go to

  • Synthetic lace wig?

    Posted on February 16th, 2009 admin 3 comments
    Shawn asked:

    How can I make my Beverly Johnson Synthetic Lace Front wig look more real? They supply tape but it was had to use and made the base look really shiny. Please any one with this type of wig, help me make this look like the real deal.

  • Why you Should Avoid Hair Care Products With Silicones and Sulfates

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 admin No comments
    Kim Krofton asked:

    Several companies that produce hair care products chock of full of sulfates, detergents, parabens and silicones are continual butting heads with all natural hair care products that lack these ingredients. To make matters worse, heavily funded marketing departments for many beauty conglomerates, publish “articles” or “journals” which refute the chemical side effects of their product ingredients. Yet, the truth of the matter seems evident. Just as with food, the less refined, chemically created your product, the better it will be for your hair.

    So why the outcry from companies that use these ingredients? The battle is over the word “better.” If you want a hair care product that makes your hair feel “better,” meaning softer or shinier instantaneously, but has some minor to major side effects, buy products from anyone. Yet, if you want long-lasting healthy hair that has to be built over time and produce some instant rewards, go all natural.

    If you still are undecided, here is a synopsis of pros and cons of the heavyweight contenders in the hair care ingredient battles.


    Why are silicones bad for your hair? Silicones are chemical substances that actually coat the hair, forming a shiny layer which makes the hair appear healthier and shinier. They are often found in shine sprays and hair rinses and dyes. Some silicones are water soluble, and others are not. For those that are not, they have the potential to create excessive build up on the hair, resulting in dry hair unable to receive moisture due to the presence of the layer of film. Yet, because your hair appears shinier and softer, most users of silicones are pleased with their hair until they learn it is actually damaged from all the dryness. This especially occurs with the use of hair dyes. Thus, silicones are an illusion and actually do more harm than good, depending on whether you prefer instant, false gratification or healthy hair. Keep in mind, however, that some people do love silicones and experience success with them by using them.


    Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is an inexpensive and very effective foamer. These substances provide a foaming quality to the product, allowing for better distribution of the product while washing hair or skin and while brushing teeth. While SLS is a known irritant, some evidence and research suggest that SLES can also cause irritation after extended exposure. Products containing these substances can affect those prone to eczema and other irritants. When rinsed off, the product will have cleaned the area but will have taken moisture from the top layers of skin. In people with sensitive skin (prone to dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis and chemical sensitivity), the drying property of these type of detergents can cause flare-ups of skin conditions or may worsen existing conditions. The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the American Cancer Society stated that the common belief that SLES is a carcinogen is an urban legend. However, the Environmental Working Group has claimed in their Skin Deep Report that SLES may possibly be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane.SLES and SLS have been known to become contaminated with 1,4-dioxane.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers 1,4-dioxane to be a probable carcinogen. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration encourages manufacturers to remove this contaminant, it is not currently required by federal law.

    Many companies have “eliminated” sodium laurel sulfate in their products by claiming to use milder sulfate detergents, but that is questionable, since must sulfates are even harsher than SLS. Plus, the inexpensiveness of SLS shampoos and conditioners just make them attractive to beauty monopolies. Did you really expect to get quality ingredients for that $3.00 shampoo? Yes, you make have hair that looks or feels quality, but remember looks can be deceiving.

    The Final Word

    As more companies respond to the natural and organic personal care movement, the battle between natural ingredients and chemical ingredients will continue to rage on. Your best bet is to find a product that, even if all natural, contains quality ingredients, not simply extracts and ingredients that sound good. By far, some of the highest quality hair care products that I discovered are Beauty 4 Ashes GodHead products, especially their Silky Smooth System. Priced similar to Philosophy and Nexxus, their products actually contain hair healthy natural oils and essential oils and have no sulfates or silicones. Yet, they also produce quality, visible results. You can learn more about their product ingredients at wwwdiscoverb4acom.

  • full lace wigs,front lace wigs,lace frontal Instruction

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 admin 8 comments
    silhouettehair asked:

    full lace wigs,front lace wigs,lace frontal,Remove lace wig: Instructional

  • Black Hair Care Product

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin No comments
    kalidas asked:

    When talking about taking care of black hair lots of attention is required as black hair is rather unique. so as to have good results in taking care of your black hair, you must be informed about and use the best, that is the most effective and safest, black hair care products. as a means to stay updated on the best black hair care products you can either go to a black hair specialist, or search the internet. As the internet offers you with lots of sites from various producers, traders, and hair care specialists, getting the adequate black hair care products should pose no difficulty for you. For example, for the best black hair care products, Hair Products offers one of the best collections on the web.


    You can find all your favorite products at affordable prices, new promotions to have a go at, and all these accompanied by full descriptions and directions, and the quickest, most convenient order and delivery system you could hope for. If you make up your mind to use Hair Products website, you should also know that this site, just like other respectable sites, is configured to be user friendly first and foremost. The black hair care products have been designed for women and by women. Therefore whoever looks for black hair care products will be able to find what she/he is after. There are even black hair care products for children. So no one is left out.


    The elements making up our hair are the cuticle, the cortex, melanin, follicle and sebaceous glands. Although you might think that black, African hair is more resistant, mention must be made that black hair is actually more sensitive than Caucasian hair and, therefore, requires more patience and needs to be treated with black hair care products. Generally, African/Black hairs have the reputation of being more brittle, coarser, dryer and curlier than those of non-African hairs. Because of this, extra steps should be taken in order to use the proper black hair care products to create a good health state of the hair.

    If you want to have beautiful hair, then check out This site for more information about The above topic

  • Black Hair Care Tips, Style and Faqs

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin No comments
    Alien asked:

    African-American/Black hair in general is more brittle, coarser, dryer and curlier (nappy) than those of non-African decent. Because of this hair care for a Caucasian would be different than for an African, who needs to be more careful when treating his/her hair because it is more delicate.

    Another feature of black hair is that it is irregular in diameter. Neither the fiber diameter nor the cuticle diameter is the same all through its length. Because of this typical structure and coiling structure the hair has many fragile points. The outside of a tight curl puts stress on the outer hair fiber cortex and cuticle. At some points outside the curls, cuticle becomes very thin and flakes easily. These areas of stress in the hair fiber are prone to damage by chemicals. Even vigorous combing is enough to flake the cuticle and damage the hair.

    Another undesirable feature of the black hair is its low moisture content. This character also makes the black hair more susceptible to weathering. Since the black hair is too curly in nature, it is difficult to comb. It is prone to hair breakage and hair shedding.

    Because of these difficulties, black hair requires more care than any other type of hair. The following black hair care tips help in preventing some damage to which it is naturally susceptible.

    Massage the scalp regularly to encourage oil production.

    Always use a wide-toothed Afro comb. Combing helps spread the natural oil through the hair, making it look shinier and healthier.

    Use intensive pre-shampoo treatments

    Shampoo your black hair as often as you feel necessary but only lather once, using a small amount of shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.

    Always towel-blow your hair and never rub it with towel.

    Try a hot oil treatment once a month. It lubricates dry scalp and help in moisturizing black hair.

    Choose non-greasy formulas for your hair gel so that they don’t take away the healthy sheen.

    If you want to braid your black hair, use a softening shampoo that maintains the right moisture balance. You can also try a natural oil based moisturizer.

    While combing your hair, start from the tips and work towards the roots, it will be less damaging to the hair.

    Have a regular trim to remove split ends as it prevents hair breakage.

    Whether it’s in cornrow, braids or bun, try not to repeat the same ‘pull-back’ hairstyle too often. The stress on the hair may cause it to weaken around the edges.

    Try to avoid the use of heat treatments, chemical relaxers or hot hair drying of your hair.

    Cotton pillow cases and sheets help in breakage, use a silk or satin scarf to wrap up your hair while sleeping.

    Besides these natural hair care tips, there are certain black hair products that can be used for taking care of your hair. Black hair has its own specific characters and its unique problems. So special black hair growth products need to specially formulated for taking care of the more fragile black hair. The best black hair care or hair growth products are the ones that use the natural hair care products.

    Can I remove a relaxer from my hair?

    If you’ve read this far, you probably already realize the answer is “no”. Permanents are called permanent for good reason. The bonds in the hair are destroyed when the hair is relaxed. The part of the hair that has been relaxed will never be “natural” again. The only way to get rid of relaxed hair is to cut it off or wait for it to break off. Waiting for the hair to break off is not a good transition option. But, some women choose it because they are uncomfortable giving up the length they’ve worked hard to get. There are ways to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. But, the relaxed hair will never be natural again.

    Stay away from Sodium Laurel Sulfate products: Always look for ammonium lureal based products - less irration to scalp due to a larger molecular structure, less *********** into pores. Shampoos are not made for conditioning or moisturizing, they are made for cleaning action. Always shampoo and rinse. Never leave shampoo on hair for very long.

    The Secret lies in using Black Hair Care Product that is Natural, contains no Mineral Oil or Harmful Chemicals, and provide your Black Hair, Care, Shine and Natural Growth. Nubian Silk Stimul-X hair growth system is the right choice for you

  • Finding the Best Adult Halloween Costumes for 2008

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    jackson asked:

    Halloween is a time for wearing different costumes and enjoying the festive occasion. Adults enjoy dressing up and scaring others just as much as the children. To find the right and the best dress for Halloween is quite a task. A lot of time should be taken and research done to come up with the best dress.

    The costume can be chosen according to each ones taste. This is the time to dress up in a wild, funny and different manner and become a changed person for the Halloween party. You should first be creative and think of some different costume to wear. Some might want it to be comical and funny, others might want it to be **** or scary or even nasty, and still others might want to dress up as some popular figure - a movie or a cartoon personality. Some might even want to dress up as their boss or the animal that they like best. Some might even want to dress up as a sports person that they like.

    Finding the best adult costumes needs a little bit of research. You need to go to the internet and find out the best loved costumes. You can browse through old catalogues and magazines and get some fun ideas. Family and friends might also be of help.

    You can get the costumes either from the departmental stores and add on accessories to make it look exactly like the dress you want to wear, or you can make your own dress. You can also order the dress you want. You can go to a fabric store or a craft store and get ideas and material to dress up as the character you want to portray.

    You can get dressed as movie characters, like Dracula, Superman, Spiderman, Indiana Jones, the Star Wars, and others. The television is another place where you can represent characters in sitcoms that you like. Adult groups can dress up like Charlie’s Angles or Three Amigos. You can dress up as real life celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. You can also dress up like political figures. You can get dressed as a vampire, a pirate, a ghost or take up any theme you like from fantasy.

    You can find ideas everywhere, even right in your own home. It is just to look different and enjoy the fun. Small accessories can help make the costume different, like a veil, a pair of wings, a mask, some different shoes and nails, some wigs that give you the right look, the clothes that can be found in your own home. Looking through the collection at home, browsing through magazines, searching the internet and asking family and friends will give you a lot of ideas to give you the new, different look.

    With the presidential elections coming, people would want to dress up like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. There is also a growing popularity for costumes of superheroes and villains.

    Some of the most popular costumes for a 2008 Halloween party are dressing up as witch, pirate, vampire, fairy, ghost, nurse, angel clown witch, a French maid, and a Queen. Political or famous personalities are also well liked.

    The costume of Paris Hilton is also popular this year. The costume of Indiana Jones with the hat and the whip is popular. Men and women can wear it. Dressing up as Amy Winehouse is popular in 2008. The trademark big beehive and cigarette can be added. She has been in the news this year. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader dress can also be tried out .it will be a great hit since the tryout is starting this month. Sarah Palin is also a popular figure and you can dress up like her.

    With these ideas and many more you can surely become the best dressed person in the Halloween party. Go ahead, find the dress you want and go to the party.

  • Full Lace Wigs Care and Maintence

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin 1 comment
    Luxurious Hair Boutique asked:

    Full Lace Wigs Care & Maintenence

    How to Wash a Full Lace Wig

    It is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the texture of your full lace wig. Use products that work well with your unit’s texture! Products you use on your own hair type may not work well on your full lace wig.

    Step 1

    Before washing your full lace wig, brush gently, or use a detangling comb from the tips of the wig to the base/roots. Never begin combing at the top or middle, this will damage and tangle the unit.

    Step 2

    Place your full lace wig on a Styrofoam wig head and use T Pins to secure.

    Step 3

    In a spray bottle, mix a capful of shampoo and fill the remaining with cool water. It is important to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your full lace wig’s texture. Products that may work well are Silicon Mix, Nearly Natural, Ionix, Dove Moisture Intense, Nexxus, Aveda, Paul Mitchell etc

    Step 4

    Place your full lace wig on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cool water. Pour or spray the shampoo mixture evenly over the wig and use a wide tooth rounded end comb to distribute the shampoo. Remember to always comb starting at the ends of the hair to the roots.

    Step 5

    Rinse the unit thoroughly on the wig head using a gentle stream of cool water.

    Step 6

    In a spray bottle, mix a capful of conditioner and fill the remaining with cool water. It is important to choose a conditioner that is suitable for your full lace wig’s texture. Products that may work well are Silicon Mix, Nearly Natural, Ionix, Mane N Tail, Dove Moisture Intense, Nexxus, Aveda, Paul Mitchell etc

    Step 7

    Place your full lace wig on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cool water. Pour or spray the conditioner mixture evenly over the wig and use a wide tooth rounded end comb to distribute the conditioner. Remember to always comb starting at the ends of the hair to the roots.

    Step 8

    Rinse your full lace unit thoroughly on the wig head using a gentle stream of cool water.

    Step 9

    Towel blot your full lace wig gently in a patting motion, while still on your wig head.Spray on leave in conditioner if desired and allow to air dry. This is a great time to part or apply foam/setting lotion.

    Step 10

    To minimize shedding, apply knot sealer. Once your unit is dry, simply Invert lace base to expose knots. use a plastic cap to protect the hair. Shake sealer contents well, hold bottle upright and aim at lace-base. Spritz on Knot Sealer using mist pump being careful not to allow excess sealer to penetrate into hair. Blow dry. Repeat as needed. (WE RECOMMENDED TWO COATS) Creates a long-lasting invisible seal that is permanently flexible!

    Happy Lace Wig Maintaining!

    The LH Boutique Team

  • For those of you who wear Lace wigs is Ultra Hold the best glue, and does it really last 3-4 weeks?

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin 3 comments
    queenk asked:

    I just got my lace wig put on with Ultra Hold and its coming apart in the front already.Does anyone know if there is a better and less messy glue out there i can buy?

  • The Lace Wig Adhesive Kit – All You Could Possibly Need

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 admin No comments
    Deborah Rayner asked:

    There are two basic methods for attaching your lace wig and they are with tape and with glue. Which method that you end up preferring can depend on a number of variables, including whether or not your skin is sensitive to either glue or tape. Both glue and tape methods also require other items that are used in conjunction with the glue and the tape, so you will need more then simply the glue and the tape.

    Small Medium and Large Wig Adhesive Kits

    The lace wig adhesive kit is one option to take that may be the perfect solution to your problems. There are a few different levels of kits starting with the smaller kit that fulfills you basic needs. The larger deluxe lace wig kits, on the other hand, will have everything that you need and is your personal guarantee that you will never be caught without something that you absolutely need to properly attach or maintain your wig.

    Everything that You Need

    It is important to remember that there is more to properly attaching your wig with glue then just pouring glue on it and sticking it on your head. For instance, scalp protector pre adhesive is used to insure that your scalp itself doesn’t become irritated with constant use. Also, you will need conditioner to treat the hair on the wig, or it will eventually begin to show signs of degradation.

    Both Types of Adhesives

    All of the lace wig adhesive kits that are available on line now come with handy carrying cases that make it so easy to keep everything that you need for your wig in one place and ready to go. Also, the complete wig adhesive kits contain both water and solvent soluble types of adhesives, so you gave your choice of either one, depending  on your particular circumstances.